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Wildlife Plots Soil Sampling Procedures

For every Learn more about our wildlife plots soil sampling procedures here.1 to 3-acre food plot, it is recommended that you collect 10 to 20 sub samples of soil. First, remove any plant residue from the ground. Using a shovel, garden spade, or soil probe, make a vertical core or thin slice down to the depth that will be plowed, which is typically about 4-inches. Place the sub-sample into a clean bucket and mix it well. Be sure the soil is not excessively wet and use a clean bucket without lime, fertilizer, or pesticide residue because this will skew the lab results. Next, mix the soil thoroughly and pack the soil into the bag provided in the Wildlife Food Plot Kit. Then use the pre-paid mailer box to send your sample and submittal form to the lab.

For more information, please contact our soil testing experts in Bonduel, Wisconsin.