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Managing the Nutrition of Highbush Blueberries 
Information Courtesy of Michigan State University Extension - Van Buren County Extension Bulletin E-2011, Major Revision, 1996

Eric Hanson and Jim Hancock Department of Horticulture

Blueberries evolved under acidic soil conditions where levels of many nutrients are naturally low. Generally, bushes require little and are sensitive to too much fertility. Because of these unusual nutrition requirements, many fertilization practices common to tree fruit production are not appropriate for blueberries. Proper management of nutrition is particularly important in blueberry culture because most blueberries in Michigan are grown on sandy soils that are prone to leaching. Sites usually have a water table within 3 feet of the soil surface, so nutrients can potentially move into drain water or groundwater. Efficient use of fertilizers will reduce production costs and minimize adverse effects on water quality.

Tissue Sampling Procedures

Soil Sampling Procedures

Leaf Tissue Analysis

Soil Example Report

Tissue Example Report

Soil Analysis Submittal Form

Plant Tissue Submittal Form


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