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Evaluate your nitrogen fertilizer program and see how well nitrogen was utilized by the corn plant with corn stalk nitrate testing.

Test to know nutrients levels before you apply manure or compost.

Following a successful 2016 pilot-program, AgSource Laboratories-Marshfield is pleased announce the start of the 2017 free GAP water sample pick-up route.  In cooperation with the UW Hancock Agricultural Research Station, AgSource will be loading samples on Monday mornings and taking them to the AgSource lab, located in Marshfield, Wis.

While AgSource Laboratories is not “older than dirt,” the organization does have a 50 year history of analyzing soil and contributing to the overall health and productivity of thousands of acres of land. What started as a county extension milk lab has grown into a full service agronomy lab, complete with nutrient management planning and GPS soil sampling services. AgSource Laboratories, in Bonduel, Wis., became a part of AgSource (then called ARC, Agricultural Records Cooperative) in August 1967. That first year, the lab processed just 5,301 soil samples. Today, the lab can analyze that many samples in under two days.

AgSource Laboratories is very pleased to announce Dr. James Friedericks has accepted the position of Outreach and Education Advisor. In this new role, Friedericks will provide direction and support for the AgSource education program. He will also be supplying technical information, serving as liaison to the agricultural industry and making agronomic presentations to clients and audiences throughout the country.