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AgSource - Lincoln, Neb.

Our Our Lincoln, Neb., laboratory was the first accredited soil testing facility in the world.Lincoln, Neb., laboratory was the first accredited soil testing facility in the world and the first to introduce electronic data transfer technology. Previously called Harris Laboratories and then MDS Harris, the Lincoln facility was purchased by AgSource in 2006. Today we continue the high standard of reliable test results and superior customer service.


AgSource provides a wide range of analytical services for growers and producers, golf course superintendents, and landscape professionals in the Midwest and around the world. If you're looking for reliable water, turf, media or agricultural testing services, look no further. We offer soil, soil health, plant tissue, manure, fertilizer and irrgiation water analyses.


Choose our state-of-the-art facility in Lincoln, Neb., and enjoy the following benefits of working with an industry leader:

  • Full spectrum of agricultural analysis options

  • Flexible electronic reporting options

  • Knowledgeable laboratory technicians and customer-oriented staff


To ensure reliable results, we routinely evaluate our performance with internal controls, including check samples, client duplicate samples and re-analysis of archived samples. AgSource Laboratories in Lincoln maintains certifications from:

  • Soil Science Society of America (NAPT-PAP)

  • Agricultural Laboratory Proficiency Program (ALP)

  • Manure Analysis Proficiency (MAP)

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